Mitski: A Front Row Experience

A look at popular Alternative/Indie artist Mitski’s concert in Louisville!


Arissa Keith

Mistki strikes a pose while performing at her show in Louisville, Kentucky.

Recently, I was able to see one of my favorite artists, Mitski, in concert. I grabbed some tickets as soon as they went on sale back in October 2021, thrilled that she was going on tour. Although Mitski sings primarily sad songs, she is such an incredibly raw performer that some friends and I drove to Louisville to witness her for ourselves.

Mitski was my second most-listened-to artist of 2021, so being able to see her in concert was like a dream come true. The show was amazing and exceeded my expectations. One of the best things about this tour is that Mitski’s setlist includes songs from all of her albums, not just her recent one, Laurel Hell.

Along with the wide range of songs that Mitski provided, she also did her own choreography. Although it was nothing elaborate, Mitski danced back and forth on the stage while performing simple yet effective hand gestures relevant to the song she was currently singing, highlighting the deeper meaning of her music. She even fell to the floor a few times as the lights flashed colors on the beats.

Below are several photos from Mitski’s concert at Old Foresters Paristown Hall in Louisville.

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  • The lights dimmed, enhancing the stage decorations, as the crowd waits in anticipation.

  • Mitski opening the show with her single “Love Me More” from her newest album, Laurel Hell.

  • Mitski’s music has always had a giant impact on my life, helping me navigate tough emotions and even allowing me to bond with people over her songs. Seeing her live was truly an ethereal experience.

  • Mitski’s set was designed simply yet beautifully. A single door was placed in the center of the stage and vibrant lights shined not only on Mistki herself, but the crowd as well.

  • The colors of the lights change for every song. The happier and upbeat songs have brighter colors, more yellow, while the slower songs remained dark red or deep blue.

  • Mitski performs her single “Heat Lightning” under red lighting.

  • There was so much attention to detail in Mitski’s performance. Lighting, choreography, key changes, and Mitski’s general movement provided the audience with a clearer idea of what her music is about and the intense emotions associated with each song.

  • Mitski pulls her show to a close, performing the song “Two Slow Dancers.”

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