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Seeing Secretariat

The Secretariat statue found in Lexington, Kentucky, honors the incredible feats of this horse.

Dakota Hobbs, Staff Reporter

February 19, 2020

Secretariat Statue Secretariat was the 1973 Triple Crown winner. The statue is a remake of the horse immediately after he won on May 5, 1973. Secretariat lived from March 30, 1970, to October 4th, 1989. This statue represents Secretariat's outstanding achievements in horse racing. The statue is locate...

Midway, Kentucky: Then vs. Now

Midway, Kentucky: Then vs. Now

February 10, 2020

Midway, Kentucky is a tiny, albeit thriving community; standing strong since 1835. Midway is known for its vibrant architecture, unique restaurants, and friendly townsfolk. Midway is a regular host to local festivals, such as Francisco's Farm Arts Festival, and the Fall Festival; which has been named ...

An unnamed charcoal drawing in my dad's sketchpad.

My Dad, the Artist

February 3, 2020

My father is known as a pony with many tricks. Unfortunately, with his many talents comes an inability to stick to one hobby. Playing guitar, photography, karate; he skids one by one through each of these talents and moves on when he gets bored, all happening quite rapidly. My favorite talent of his...

Photo of  Still, Wallflowers, Roses and Weeds (Left to Right) all created by Joan Snyder as part of the Interwoven exhibition.

40 Years of Art and Captivation

December 3, 2019

The University of Kentucky Art Museum is celebrating its 40th anniversary. This is the perfect chance to revisit this hidden gem of Lexington. In a survey given to students at WCHS, only 7% said that they had been to the UK Art Museum. The current exhibits are thought-provoking and well worth the thirty...

How to Take Better Pictures With Nothing but Your Phone

How to Take Better Pictures With Nothing but Your Phone

November 8, 2019

If you want to start taking quality pictures, why buy an expensive camera when you can use the camera you already have? I'm talking about your phone! Although they have their disadvantages, the cameras found on smartphones are fully capable of producing quality images, as long as you know what you’re doing. The following t...

A Look at Spiced

A Look at Spiced “Candie’s” Art in the Fall

September 27, 2019

For about half a year now, my mother, Candice (Candie) Jenkins, has been diving into the world of art (painting to be specific). She's been working hard being in charge of a personal business; she has already participated in her first art exhibit, and this month, she has been given the chance to participate...

Tara Rapoport (10) in front of

Art Inspires Life

September 24, 2019

The Cincinnati Art Museum is a hidden gem nestled in scenic Eden Park, with pieces from modern and contemporary to classic and baroque. It's a whimsical, winding maze that definitely calls for a day trip. I highly encourage the readers to experience it for yourself, but this piece takes a small t...

A hidden tunnel. What is lying up ahead?

On the Bend of the Elkhorn Creek

May 1, 2019

I recently decided to enjoy springtime in my State and corner of the world. I visited neighboring horse farms, beautiful paddocks, and the elbow of the Elkhorn Creek. I want to take you, the readers, with me in this article so you can experience the warmth and glow that not many people see. &nbs...

Real Art in the Real World

Real Art in the Real World

Macy Upthegrove and Jaylynn Murillo

March 29, 2019

Does life imitate art, or does art imitate life? Art is very unappreciated and underrated in today's time. Art is all around us, but most of the time we are too busy to look for it. Instead of appreciating the art around us, we are too involved in other aspects of our life, like social media. So, J...

Creative Kentucky

Creative Kentucky

March 28, 2019

Located at the Kentucky Horse Park, Kentucky Crafted is a locally run, locally creative art show for all ages. Prices run from $7 for online tickets, $8 for at-the-door tickets, and free for children 15 and under accompanied by an adult. The 2019 show was March 15-17 from 10 am-6 pm. Located in Lexin...

Blackbird Dance Theatre Presents: End of the World/ Bricolage

Show poster for festival.

Chap Hollin, Staff Reporter

March 21, 2019

"And so it goes... The story of the world. The Iron Age of tragic life. When will we learn to say I love you before the world ends... Tell your sweetheart you love them, give your brother a hug, tell your truth, and never give up hope. Right until the very end."   Performance Informa...

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