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Calling All Gamers!

Calling All Gamers!

November 22, 2019

On November 7th, Woodford County High School decided to create Esports teams for their students. Esports is usually a multiplayer video game that is played competitively for spectators, typically by professional gamers. Esports has been around for as long as multiplayer games have. The three videogames...

Toying with Games!

Toying with Games!

October 25, 2019

An Interview with Joe Zieja

October 11, 2019

Hello again fellow Yellow Jackets! I'm so happy to finally release this interview. This is an interview with Joe Zieja, who has played many roles throughout his voice acting career. Most notably to us, he is the voice of Claude von Riegan in Fire Emblem Three Houses. This interview covers a lot of ground,...

Lanota: Roundabout Rhythm

May 1, 2019

What's up Yellow Jackets? It's been a while since we've had a new episode! This month, I'll be covering Lanota, originally published by Noxy Games in 2016 for mobile devices. I realize this is a little old, but it's still relevant within the rhythm game community, and it definitely has plenty ...

Local Senior Anxious About Ending the Tutorial Stage of His Life

Local Senior Anxious About Ending the Tutorial Stage of His Life

March 29, 2019

Local high school senior Simon Smith was reportedly “anxious about ending the tutorial and moving on to the real game,” according to sources as of last Tuesday night. Simon reflected on his save state thus far to interviewers. “In most games, the tutorial just teaches you the controls, basic game knowledge,...

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Swords or Shields?

March 1, 2019

At 9:00 A.M. (EST), February 27th, Wednesday morning, Nintendo hosted a special seven-minute live stream dedicated to new information on the newest Pokemon title that is still in development. The games have been revealed to be Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield and will be the first core titles on t...

Battlefield V's title screen. Picture taken by Grant Sprinkle

Battlefield V: A Review

December 14, 2018

After a disappointing announcement and marketing campaign, along with a delayed and shaky launch, Battlefield V still manages to be one of the strongest games on the market right now, with a return to quick, satisfying, skill-based gameplay that the series is known for, as well as making new stri...

My Family's Card Game

My Family’s Card Game

December 14, 2018

  My family is not the typical type that enjoys watching football, Christmas movies, or anything on TV in general on holidays. I go to the family on my Mom's side most of the time for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and for both holidays we play the same game. We don't have a name for it, ju...

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More Than Just a Game

September 27, 2018

When most people hear or think of “Dungeons and Dragons”, they'll likely think of a group of teenage, acne-ridden nerds huddled around a table, playing an imagination game to escape the existential crisis that is their high school life. They might also think of the 1980s moral panic in which the...

Fortnite Season 4 Launch

Fortnite Season 4 Launch

May 4, 2018

Everyone can rejoice, as for Fortnite Season 4 is live! Season Four has brought a few changes to the game: Brand new super hero skins on the battle pass. Map changes from the meteor, such as the new Dusty Divot. Crossbow was vaulted from the ...

Lexington Comic Con

Photo by Lexington Comic Con

Hillary Ocampo, Staff Reporter

April 10, 2018

Every year, Lexington holds its annual Lexington Comic Con with lots of popular guests, exhibitors, and vendors. Lexington Comic Con took place March 9th-11th in Heritage Hall at the Lexington Convention Center and was packed! This year, the convention oversold tickets and beat last year's attendance...

Fortnite Goes Mobile!

Fortnite Goes Mobile!

March 30, 2018

Fortnite is a word that is lately on the tip of anybody's tongue who enjoys games. The game has swept the world since its release in September 2017, where it quickly became the biggest game on the market even with it being free-to-play. Fortnite amassed a large following from all types of people since i...