WILSHIRE: The Art Of Storytelling

An in-depth look at the story of Tyler, The Creator’s 2021 track, WILSHIRE


Tyler, The Creator’s 2021 album, CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST, released in June. This album was on constant replay when it first released. Every single song found on here has an absurd amount of replay value. From beginning to end, every single track is special. Although, upon first listen, there was one song that didn’t grab me, that song being WILSHIRE. At first it really didn’t seem special to me. An 8 minute track? No thank you. But since then, I have devoted time to listening and understanding the sentiment of the track. Now, I know WILSHIRE is one of the most eloquent and clear stories told in hip-hop. A true masterpiece of music.

WILSHIRE follows the story of Tyler as he meets a woman whom he has instant chemistry with. They talk and share a hotel room. Things get odd once she reveals that she is in a relationship with one of his good friends.

“You told me you felt the same, but you got homie you dealin’ with

Damn, I didn’t know, that’s a bit unexpected

But I get it, it’s whatever, least I can do is respect it”


The verse ends with Tyler speaking with her and saying he cannot betray his friend, but he and her can remain friends as well. The story then leads to the woman and her boyfriend inviting Tyler to hang out with them, but the boyfriend suspects something between Tyler and his girlfriend.

“Anyway, convince him to bring you to me so we could kick it

Right in front of his lenses, nothing here is malicious

You sat by me in that movie, we went outside for them doobies

We walkin’ off when we talk, man, that ***** not ****** stupid

He see it, he know it’s somethin’ we frontin’ like, ‘Ha-ha-ha'”


In the third verse, Tyler expresses his interest even more. He talks and spends more time with her, alone this time. They go on a shopping spree as Tyler gives her a lavish life. This whole time, her boyfriend is calling, wondering where she is.

“And they say, ‘Bros over hoes,’ I’m like, ‘Mm, nah, hey’

I would rather hold your hand than have a cool handshake

But whatever, we still could be friends, it could still be chance

I’ma play it cool, we got somethin’, we cannot pretend, uh, uh”


After this, the scene shifts to the girl getting caught by her boyfriend. The tone also shifts. They get into a fight about Tyler, the boyfriend feels threatened by Tyler, along with being jealous of the time Tyler and his girlfriend spend together.

“You said you told him the truth and you never lied

Now he lookin’ at you with them eyes

We never crossed the line, but he got every right to be a lil’ pissed off

He picked you up, y’all got an argument, he got his **** off

My energy like, ‘Get lost,’ your energy just want peace

I couldn’t even tell you his energy ’cause he don’t speak

He ain’t even call you his *****

Until he see me make you smile, that ***** threatened as shit

I’m in the wrong, though”


The next verse leads to Tyler lamenting about this girl after she chose her boyfriend, even after all their commonalities and bonding. After she stayed at his house and even met Tyler’s mom.

“‘Cause it’s a two-way street, and ****, you knew what I was on

And while that ***** out and gone, ****, you was loungin’ in my home

Shit, I even let you meet my mama and y’all got along

But ****, I’ll take my L, though it’s not fun

You still got your ***** and still had your fun”

The song ends with a spoken word outro. This is where the story ends as well. Everybody was hurt, the boyfriend during Tyler and the girl’s time together, and Tyler in the end.


This song delivers a brilliant love story, one that takes a deep dive into a modern experience. One that isn’t perfect, one that has flaws. No other love song has the same sense of familiarity that WILSHIRE has, even when you haven’t had the experience that is displayed. I recommend listening to this song while following the lyrics to really break down the story for yourself. As well as listening to the rest of CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST. Other songs on the album follow love stories or other stories about parts of Tyler’s life.  A truly great listen.