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A Look Into Woodford County's Young Life Organization

A Look Into Woodford County’s Young Life Organization

April 15, 2020

YoungLife is an international organization that works to enlighten teenagers about the story of Christ while providing a diverse environment for teens to make friends and meet mentors to confide in. Check out the slideshow below to get a look inside all of the fun activities YoungLife members are a part of...

Fayette Mall's New

Fayette Mall’s New “Youth Escort Policy” Now in Place

April 13, 2020

The Fayette Mall in Lexington is a very popular shopping spot, and with that being said, it is used as a hangout spot as well for many people, mostly teenagers. For years teenagers have been visiting the mall to socialize and shop, whether it be in groups, pairs, or by themselves. Recently, Fayette...

The Calm During the Quarantine

The Calm During the Quarantine

The Jacket Journal Staff, Staff Reporters, Editors

April 8, 2020


Mr. WCHS candidates Tanner Cavins, Nick Crowe, and Jonathan Pitman go meet the judges with their friend.

Mr. WCHS 2020!

March 28, 2020

Mr. WCHS was an event hosted by the junior prom committee. The people involved in Mr. WCHS were the junior and senior boys, as well as the senior girls. The junior and senior boys opened the show with a dance number; followed by their talents and then walking out in their tuxes. After that, the senior g...

Graphic of the Covid-19 coronavirus

Misconceptions of Coronavirus Covid-19

March 28, 2020

While a novel coronavirus or Covid-19 is spreading across our country, misinformation is as well. A pandemic of this caliber is unlike anything most people have experienced. Naturally, it has caused some anxiety among many. There are a lot of unknowns with this coronavirus because it is new to us. This h...

WCHS' New Dress Code Policy

WCHS’ New Dress Code Policy

March 27, 2020

A new dress code policy has been presented and approved by the Site-Based Decision-Making council (SBDM). The dress code aims to be inclusive of all religions, races, cultural observances, genders, household incomes, and body types. Having a formal dress code teaches students how to practice personal...

Let’s Head to Morehead!

The view of Morehead's campus before beginning the tour.

Luna Wu, Staff Reporter

March 26, 2020

On March 10, the Freshman class traveled to Morehead State University to take a tour of the campus. Although the day was gloomy and rainy, Woodford still traveled an hour and a half to visit the campus. Upon arrival, each group of students was greeted by Morehead Eagles, also known as the tour guides....

Aisle from Kroger where the toilet paper is normally located. Completely empty, all toilet paper has been sold out.

Stuff in Stores? Not Anymore!

March 26, 2020

The CDC recently announced that the novel coronavirus, known as COVID-19, is officially a pandemic. Our country, along with many others, is going through something resembling a shutdown as a result. As people are out of work and imports are slowing down, many families have made an attempt to stock up...

Newsong, the founders of Winter Jam, performs their song

Jamming Out at Winter Jam

March 12, 2020

Despite the paranoia due to the coronavirus, hundreds of people came out to see multiple artists perform at one of the biggest annual Christian concerts in Kentucky: Winter Jam. Those who appeared at Winter Jam include Zauntee, Ballenger, Riley Clemmons, Austin French, Red, Newsong, Andy Mineo, JJ Weeks,...

Landon Oxley and James Hawkins hold their certificates for earning Eagle Scout after their Court of Honor.

Two Eagles Take Flight

February 29, 2020

The Eagle Scout rank is the highest honor in the Scouts BSA (Boy Scouts of America). It’s more than just a personal goal for many scouts. It is a testament to a recipient’s leadership ability, determination, and skill. Two Yellow Jackets, Landon Oxley (12) and James Hawkins (12) rose to the rank of Eagle at their joint court of honor this past...

Huntertown History Project Interview

Huntertown History Project Interview

February 21, 2020

Back in 2012, a project rose up through a fund grant proposal by the Woodford County government towards the development of Huntertown's 38 acres into an educational park. Alongside this came various oral interviews of former Huntertown residents conducted by Dr. Richard Schein, of the University of Kentucky.     Arou...