NF’s New Album: HOPE

Music is something I think everyone is familiar with, including me. Recently a rapper I listen to extensively named NF released his latest album, HOPE. Today I will be reviewing each song in the album. However, I recommend going through the album yourself because it is all opinions.

HOPE is the first song of the album, and NF has a habit of producing a song in the album with the same name as the album, you can see this in albums like The Search. Overall this is a fantastic track that conveys a ton of emotion, especially in the outro of the song where NF confronts the lies he believes. This song is one of the best in the entire album and probably one of the best NF songs in general.

The following song is MOTTO which talks about his new beliefs and his evolution from wanting to always be Number 1 to now just wanting to make music he likes. NF also talks about how he feels about the music industry. It ends with him altogether talking about how he isn’t envious of others who are more significant than him. I overall like this song due to its message about, “Live doing what makes you happy.

CAREFUL comprises of some strange lyrics as it isn’t the clearest but in the beginninghe is talking about his songs not getting platinum records but if not they go gold. Afterward comes Cordae‘s lyrics which talk about how he has so much fame that, “jumbotron got my name on it. Though he still talks about how he is appreciative and modest specifically with the line, “We come from the bottom, we still at the bottom.” The rest of the song proceeds to talk about how he didn’t get here by being careful and that he took risks. This song isn’t my favorite, but I can see where some would.

MAMA is a song about his mother and how he misses her. This song makes me very sad as someone who has lost most of my family members. Nothing about this song is really that special though. I can’t say I enjoy this song, but I don’t say I despise it either.

HAPPY represents a return to that classic NF type of song with talking about mental health and trauma. The song talks about how he would not comprehend what to do if he was happy. He also talks about how he knows he requires help. Furthermore, NF says, “It feels like something’s off when I’m not depressed. This lyric is a critically important one since it talks about how sometimes when you have depression and you don’t feel itit makes you think something is off. In large this is a song that I connect with a lot and it is just overall a remarkable song.

PANDEMONIUM is a track that comes at you fast and hard. This track was designed to make you feel whiplash with the song‘s quick lyrics and occasional stopping. The song talks about his career and how he is exceptional and achieves an extensive amount of success. The general definition of pandemonium is a wild uproar, so I’m not startled that this is a wild song. All things considered, I think this is an extremely proper track.

SUFFICE talks about how he didn’t merely acquire all of his success immediately and had to work frequently through it. He also talks about how he will not allow his music to be mediocre. Generally speaking, I don’t have much to say about this song because its an extremely vague song.

GONE is a love song so of course I like it a lot. The song begins with NF talking about a breakup that happened but at the end, he said, “Don’t waitit‘s too late to keep holding on yeahI‘m already gone. This then leads to an instrumental break which is an extremely odd instance of music because it goes from soft pianos to blaring sounds which sounds similar to a mental breakdown. Next, we hear the guest singer talk about how she is unhappy with how the relationship went.

BULLET surprisingly is not a song about being shot instead another love song about how he would take a bullet for the love of his life. He says it is because, “You changed my life and gave me love when I had none to offergave me hope when I was hopeless ain’t no second thoughts. Most of the rest of the song is about how he is surprised she cherishes him. I enjoy this song a good bit, maybe that is because it is a love song but either way I just think it is a nice song.

TURN MY BACK is a song about how he does not need anyone else in his career. He also talks about how he is superior in a style very similar to HOPE’s outro where he says, “Thirty years of running, thirty years of searching.” But instead, it is now, “Im the co-signer, you the broke artist.” Altogether this is a pretty well-made song though I remain not the most diehard fan of it.

MISTAKE is an extremely deep song that I greatly relate to, the first lyrics of the song talk about how he has made mistakes and done things he regrets but does not want to be called a mistake. He also talks about how he thinks he is a lost cause sometimes and how he turns off whenever he reads into something too much, this is something I relate to almost every day and I also struggle with. This song is remarkably pleasant and relatable with the lyrics about how he does not want to be called a mistake and how he overall struggles with self-confidence.

LET EM PRAY is a song about how he allows people to pray on his downfall because he knows that he prays to god harder. He also talks about how he is confident god will be on his side in the end. Overall I don’t have much of an opinion of this song due to it being short and overall just nothing.

The ending song of the album is RUNNING and it is an extraordinary track about how he is letting go of his pride and is learning to love himself. He talks about how he is done running and is ready to be happy. The chorus talks about how he is leaving someone even though he treasures them because he recognizes it will be better for both of them. This is probably my favorite track in the album.