Five Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas!

The perfect guide to last minute holiday shopping.


Gift shopping can be hard, but this article is sure to help you out this holiday season. No matter if you take ideas straight from this piece or make your own from just reading it, your gift game will definitely be strong this year.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a perfect solution if you don’t know what to get somebody. Just pick their favorite store and put whatever amount of money on it. This way,  you can pay for their gift, but you don’t need to worry about getting the perfect thing.



Self-Care Items

Self-care products are always a hit! The holidays can be stressful, especially with finals just before the break. There’s nothing better than relaxing over the break after a stressful first semester. A face mask, nice soap, or even a new candle can make someone’s break so much better!


Kitchen Gadgets

Anything to help out in the kitchen can be a perfect gift for the holidays. One of the most special parts of the holidays is the amazing meals many share. Cooking at home can be difficult, but a new gadget or utensil can make it so much easier!





Any kind of fragrance can be such a special gift. Perfumes and colognes say a lot about a person. If you get someone a fragrance that they like, it could become their new thing. Getting someone something they love to wear can be very meaningful because they may start to associate it with a time in their life or even their relationship with each other.


Anything with pictures is always a good idea. Whether they be with the two of you or just of things they care about, pictures, or photo albums, are great for capturing happy moments that can be remembered over and over.