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Does Valentine’s Day Have to Only Be About Romance?

People I love not in a romantic way.

CJ Jenkins, Staff Reporter

February 6, 2020

Is it possible to change the nation's perspective of Valentine's Day? On this day, people all around the world will go over and beyond to express their love to their better half, but why only them? We tell so many other people in our lives that we love them every day, so why not also show them that same...

The New Year Just Began…at Least for the Chinese

Luna and her cousin's baby are spending all the time they get creating memories before family members leave Kentucky and return to New York.

Luna Wu, Staff Reporter

February 3, 2020

"Gong Xi Fa Cai" or "have a prosperous year" is one of the most common phrases said around this time. During 2020, Chinese New Year falls on January 25, following the movement of the moon. The Lunar calendar changes annually as the motion of the moon doesn't stay the same. Chinese New Year isn't only...

Pictures from the December 14th Winter Wonderland Dance!

Pictures from the December 14th Winter Wonderland Dance!

December 17, 2019

If you attended or are just interested in looking at the pictures from last weekend's Winter Wonderland dance, please check out the website below.  Ms. Gibson and William Newcomb are graciously inviting you to copy and paste pictures that you love for your own use! ...

Mr. Wilkins stands by the school's Christmas tree ready for a break. Photo by Jamie Hobbs.

Relieving the Stress of the Holidays

December 17, 2019

The holiday season tends to be a very stressful time. Parents are busy buying gifts and cooking, traffic is bad and people worry about their travels, kids are worried about what they're going to get and how they're going buy gifts. If you're not careful, the stress of the season will quickly out due...

Wacky Holiday Traditions

December 12, 2019

While many families celebrate the holidays with candy canes, mistletoe, or Christmas trees, there are some families at Woodford County High School that celebrate in their own special and zany ways, my family included. For as long as I can remember, my family has always celebrated the winter holidays...

Lighting up the Night in Versailles

December 12, 2019

The Tree Lighting Ceremony happened Friday the 6th and the Christmas parade was on Saturday the 7th in downtown Versailles on Main Street. Check out the photos below to get a look at the festivities!   ...

People gather at the first Thanksgiving in Plymouth.

The Truth About the Turkey

October 31, 2019

Thanksgiving is a day of food, football, and family time. People usually think of Thanksgiving as a day to spend time with their family, watch some football or a parade, share thanks, and most of all, eat. However, most people don't know how the first Thanksgiving 'really went down.' The Menu First and fore...

5 Autumn Traditions from Around the World

5 Autumn Traditions from Around the World

October 29, 2019

Halloween is just around the bend, and everyone is gearing up for a night of campy horror movies, over-the-top costumes of fan-favorite characters, and sweet treats that rot your teeth. Most Americans have been celebrating this holiday for as long as they can remember; it's simply a staple tradit...