Court House Wreaths


Eric Young, Staff/Reporter

This year in Mrs. Probst Floral Design classes the students made Christmas wreaths for the court house. The goal was to make around 30 or so to display them by the court house. The wreaths were made out of wire and greenery (green foliage, growing plants, or vegetation). You had to grab a bunch of greenery and group them together then tie them tightly together. Then place them on the model circle then tie them on diagonally. And to finish it off a nice big red bow was placed on the top of the wreath. When making a wreath it’s best to have more than just one person rather than have one person. You have to have two people to make the separate individual pieces, one to hold the greenery and the other one to tie them together. It’s even better if you have the two people making the little stacks of greenery and two more people tying bows and placing the stacks of greenery on the circle model.