Let’s Go Fishing!

Fly Fishing at Elkhorn Creek in Frankfort.


Mason Mefford

The Elkhorn Creek in Frankfort, Kentucky.



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  • For today’s mission I decided to do some wet wading for smallmouth bass.

  • I started the day throwing bigger articulated streamers to try and reach fish in deeper holes.

  • I mainly focused my cast on areas you see here, swift current with slack water next to it. One of my bites came right before this picture!

  • I also focused my cast on areas with very little moving water to try and catch some smallmouth on beds getting ready to spawn.

  • Don’t be the person who leaves old line and lures in the water, and if you see it pick it up.

  • After little success on the streamers, I decided to tie on this red and yellow wooly bugger to try and imitation crawdads I saw scurrying on the bottom.

  • This picture should be an awesome shot of my hat acting as a net for the smallmouth I caught, but the fish got out of the makeshift net, so here’s my wet hat instead.

  • Here is a great example of an eddy, a place where the current swings around and creates an almost whirlpool of bait for fish.

  • All the hard work from today paid off with this amazing smallmouth. This fish was caught out of an eddy on the red and yellow wooly bugger.

  • Even the little rock bass love this fly!

  • At the end of the day I finished with three fish; the highlight of the day was catching that pig (the big fish). This sunset is also really nice.

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