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Fly Fishing: The Chase, The Adventure, and The Beauty

Ever since I have been a little kid fishing has played a small role in my life. I remember at a young age fishing on my grandparent’s farm pond catching catfish with chicken liver and bass on ribbon tail worms. I remember going to neighborhood creeks with close friends, catching copious amounts of bluegill and sunfish on live worms off dams.

It wasn’t until last year when my passion for fishing was reignited during the pandemic which forced me to go outside and find things to do while socially distanced from other people. I went fishing more, watched videos on YouTube, and bought way too much tackle. It was during this time period that my good friend and fellow angler Evan Bentley started to fly fish. The idea of fly fishing had never crossed my mind due to false misconceptions about the sport thinking it would be too hard. However, seeing Evan fly fish intrigued me: the movement of the fly in the air, the bend of the long rods, the sound of stripping line, and the overall challenge presented.

One day, over quarantine I had over the middle of February, I decided to buy a fly rod and a couple of flies to try something new. Although I haven’t been doing it for long and am not the greatest yet I have fallen in love with fly fishing. Nevertheless, due to my lack of time in the sport, I feel that I am not the best to show you all the wonders of fly fishing, that is why I have chosen these three men in the industry to show the thrill of the chase, the call to adventure, and the scenic beauty found in fly fishing.

The Chase: Mike Benson
The Adventure: Max Hamlin
The Beauty: Paul Puckett

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