Coronacation: A Look Into What I Have Been Doing to Pass the Time

With Coronacation underway, here is a look into what I have been up to for these past couple of weeks.


Will Fisher

This break has me on life support from all this boredom.

With school being out for the forseeable future, we on the Journalism team have been asked to document our lives over this break so others can see what we have been up to. I am not sure why I was asked to do this because I live a very boring and repetitive lifestyle that I am sure will not entertain the masses. However, I am sure that boredom will get to me at any time and I might do something interesting for once. I have taken pictures from every day for these past two weeks starting on Monday the 16th until today, March 27th. I hope that you readers enjoy seeing what I have done for the past two weeks more than I have, to be quite honest, I have been dying of boredom.