Woodford County Alumni to Principal: Mr. Grant and the 22-23′ Policy Changes

Tommy Grant started his education career at Glasgow Independent as a social studies teacher right out of college. He soon moved on to teaching at West Jessamine for ten years, again, as a social studies teacher. Soon after his completion of his third masters degree Mr. Grant returned to his graduating high school to accept his first administration position as Assistant Principal. 

Lots of things drew me to Woodford County, but the fact that I graduated from the school myself was a large factor.”

— Tommy Grant

Quinn and Brody, Mr. Grants’ two sons

Mr. Grant was not only a graduate of our high school, but also involved in the clubs and activities we participate in today. Growing up in Versailles, Mr. Grant was involved with wrestling for a year and many academic activities. Grant wrote for the Jacket Journal when we were still printing out monthly issues. He also played a large role in the school’s film club. Grant even had Mr. Ruff as teacher, making you wonder: just how old is Mr. Ruff? Grant stated that Ruff actually sparked a film interest in him, lasting to today. 



Policy Changes

Covid caused a lack of restrictions in high-schools throughout the state, so following Covid, schools are struggling on how to reintegrate rules back into education, and Woodford County is no exception. Many students have noticed that this year has been different than the past two, and that is for many reasons: one of them being the reintegration of rules and policies back into our school system. 

For example:

  • Students are now encouraged to gather in the gym, library, or cafeteria before 8:20 rather than walk the halls before 1st block
  • The absence of parking passes is now being enforced by way of walk-throughs through the parking lot

However, even with the tightening in restrictions in some areas, there are other areas where rules have become looser. Policy on cell phones has now been released to the discretion of teachers, rather than a school-wide rule. This gives teachers more autonomy when deciding rules for their own classrooms.

When it comes to discipline, Grant has a goal to be fair. Instead of assuming the worst, or assuming that something negative happened, you instead listen to both sides of the story. Only then can you make a good and fair decision on consequence of actions.

The change in policy this school year has caused some questions regarding the relationship between administration and teachers and administration and students. But Grant, along with the other administration, seek to prioritize that relationship through their duties.

Rapport and relationships are paramount to any educational setting.”

— Tommy Grant

Even though the whole student and teacher body may not feel it at the moment, Grant and the other administration want to foster a relationship in which both parties are comfortable to reach out to each other for support, advice, and critique.