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Abby Frakes
Abby is a junior at Woodford County High School. She is 4'11" in height, so she refers to herself as ¨The Midget.¨ She is very excited to be on The Jacket Journal for the very first time! Abby is very opinionated and holds nothing back. She is also known to stick to the facts; she knows that this can be emotionally damaging to people, so she recommends being near a safe space while she is around. Abby is very complicated so she has about 9-10 hobbies. Abby does art, music, voice acting, animation, pixel art, game development, baking, etc. Abby has a motto she stands by: ¨If I am seen as offensive for my sense of humor, then I have done it justice.¨ Also,¨I could fit into the mold of other people, but I don't like Starbucks.¨

Abby Frakes, Staff Reporter

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Abby Frakes