Convos with a Conservative – Sensitivity Overrules Sense of Humor?

Political correctness is on the rise, so much so that you can´t joke with another person without being persecuted


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Abby Frakes, Staff Reporter

I would say in recent years its been evident that comedy has been watered down and more ¨radical liberals friendly.¨ Nowadays you can’t say anything without being called a sexist, racist, or misogynist. Boy, do I feel bad for comedians. I personally have been through this. I remember having a rough day, and a random guy said out loud jokingly– ¨I’m so over life.¨ Cleary something rubbed him the wrong way or he was just bursting with frustration. I said back, ¨Same dude! I feel you. I´m over life too.¨ We looked at each other and laughed, understanding each other’s situation. We meant no harm by it, and his friends had no problem with it. Suddenly a girl next to me looked at me and said, ¨People actually feel that way you know?! Like people feel that way!¨ She said this with such a mocking tone like she was better than us for calling us out. I decided to ignore her, I didn’t have the time to argue with someone about this. When she left, I told my friends.

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But I will say that most comedians are the saddest people I know. That is the biggest paradox to me. ”

— Jean Reno

They laughed when I screamed triggered at the end of my story. A girl that knew nothing about me, not even knowing if I had gone through something like that myself, might I add, just persecuted me. This is the non-judgemental generation, right? I like how she was just listening in on our conversation and didn’t just ignore it if it bothered her so much. Who needs something like tolerance, am I right?

What if joking about it is a coping mechanism? Comedians and people joke about what they know. If I were to joke about depression, do you think I’m just doing it out of spite? No! If you were to look deeper than just a simple comment, you would see there is meaning behind those words. The comedian Cristopher Titus is a great example of this; he lived in a poor household with an alcoholic father that was really hard on him–borderline abusive in fact.

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What do you think he does? Wallow in his sorrow? Cry about it all the time? No! He gets up on stage and makes fun of his past and himself. Christopher himself said that doing comedy helps him. It’s what allows him release.

I get that feeling. That´s how I release everything, through comedy. Some might say, ¨People deal with situations differently Abby.¨ Yes, yes they do. I´m just saying that you shouldn´t be persecuted for it. I get it if you have your opinions, obviously, I have mine, but try to at least have an open mind. Go back and read the First Amendment.