The History of The WCHS Spirit Pants

A brief look into where the spirit pants came from and what they mean to WCHS


Nick Venn (’17) leading the senior section at a pep rally.

Everett Thompson (2019) doing chants with the cheerleaders at a pep rally

The spirit pants tradition has been around Woodford for years. At the last pep rally of each year, the senior with the spirit pants passes the pants down to whichever junior has the most spirit. The person with the spirit pants wears them to games, pep rallies, and spirit days. Their job is to start chants at games and hype up the student section.

Fabian Garcia (2022) getting hype at an outdoor pep rally.


The tradition started in 2017 with Nick Venn. The order of spirit pant owners is as follows; Nick Venn (’17), Hunter Hilbert (’18), Everett Thompson (’19), Lane Cecil (’20), Piper McCoun (’21), Fabian Garcia (’22), Hayden Wells (’23), and Delano Mullins (’24)


Many students look forward to finding out who gets the pants each year. We are all very excited to see Delano in the spirit pants this year as he continues on the tradition for many years to come.