WCHS: Artistic Visions

A showcase of art found in the classrooms of Woodford County High School.


Ryan Newby

Main Entrance Art Display. This display case is brightly lit up and highlighted in the main entryway of the school. It showcases the artworks of WCHS art students. It’s a beautiful display that demonstrates the artistic ability of WCHS students to visitors of the school.

There are countless works of visual art around our school that some may not have seen or noticed. The talent of students of the past, present, and even some outside artists is on display in our very own school. This is a showcase of some of those works to help them get more of the appreciation that they deserve.

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  • Interesting and abstract art hangings on a multicolored wall. It was created by a local folk artist named Ed Franklin. It is a very interesting work that stands out from some of the other art in the school.

  • Hallway Club & Team Mural. Found at the end of the English hallway on the gymnasium side. The colorful leaves on the tree represent the interconnected parts that make up our school. While not obvious at first glance, this work of art illustrates the diversity of groups the school fosters. The artwork is marked with the initial K.M.M.

  • 2021 “Inktober” Board. This board is put up beside the main library entrance. The board is the main display for “Inktober” submissions from students around the school.

  • “Inktober” informational poster. This poster details what “Inktober” is and the instructions that go with it. Each day of the month had a single word prompt, that is what the art contributions are created in response to.

  • Men’s Restroom Mural. This work of art is located in the men’s restroom close to the culinary classrooms. It’s a great example of school spirit. The artist’s name and year of creation are written on the right side of the mural.

  • Large hanging art near the staircase with large windows. This work of art has no posted information about it. It is hard to visually dissect and will most likely appear slightly different to each person. It is definitely work that one could spend a lot of time studying.

  • Stained-glass Woodford County Yellowjacket. This work of art is found in the guidance office lobby. It has been on display for quite some time, but its origins are unknown. It might be linked in some way to the stained-glass artworks that are located in the library, or possibly something else entirely.

  • Hispanic Heritage artwork in the balcony hallway. The art seems to be done in colored pencil and made up of many small pieces of paper. It is presumably of notable figures related to Hispanic heritage. Two of the art sheets are missing, they were most likely stolen or damaged.

  • Small hanging artwork above the staircase with windows. This artwork seems to be similar to the other hanging piece located close to it. It may be from a different artist or the same, but regardless they seem to fit together well.

  • “Kids These Days” mural, located on the back wall of Dr. Sergent’s back wall. (Room: 102). Dr. Sergent asked a previous student of hers to create art for her room with little prompt on her part. Dr. Sergent’s dislike of how the phrase “Kids these days” is typically used. Normally the phase is followed up by something negative about the new generation, and this work of art is in part made to combat that notion.

  • Two Color Tree Corner in Ms. Schwarz’s room (152). At the corners of Schwarz’s room, where its two colors collide, there stands a wavering white tree. It ties the hues together and makes all the walls of the room seem a part of the art.

  • Hispanic History Art, at end of the Language Hall. A beautiful colored pencil portrait. Like the other Hispanic History art piece, this one is made up of many smaller cuts of paper. Unlike the other larger one that is also featured in this showcase, this one is not missing any of its parts.

  • Neural Mural in Ms. Gabehart’s room (106). Coating the walls of Ms. Gabehart’s room are countless “neurons” created by Psychology students. Every student creates one, and it is posted up on the wall, adding to the expanding mural. Seeing the walls is a bit overwhelming at first. The sight is impressive and as time passes it shall only grow grander.

  • Art Class Display is found at the bus circle exit nearest the culinary classrooms. These are a few of the Woodford County art student’s works. It is worth a detour through the area surrounding the art classroom every once in a while to see any new pieces that may be put on display.

  • Monkey lamp drawing on Ms. Schwarz’s whiteboard (152). A dry-erase marker masterpiece and the perfect recreation of the beautiful monkey reading a book while sitting on multiple very large books lamp. Done by the Editor-In-Chief, Brayden Miller.

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