Great Movies To Watch On Valentine’s Day

Whether you have a Valentine or not, these movies will be great watches for any Valentine’s Day! 

Great Movies To Watch On Valentines Day


Groundhog Day

warning: suicide trigger warning

A picture of Phil with the groundhog.

“Groundhog Day” is about an unfulfilled weatherman named Phil Connors who’s forced into living the same day over and over. He begins to develop a sort of God complex since he keeps waking up; even after attempting suicide. In contrast to Phil, there’s Rita, a loving woman to Phil even through his struggles with his self-esteem. This movie, while it does have some mature themes, is an incredible example of how good love is, unwavering even through stressful situations. I highly recommend you watch this movie.


WALL-E giving EVA a gift.

In “WALL-E”, Earth has become inhabitable, and all that’s left of humanity is on a luxury spaceship. A small robot named Wall-E sits alone on Earth for years compacting trash and watching old television shows, wishing for a friend. Then he meets another robot named Eva, and though she’s not the sweetest, he finds a way into her heart. I recommend this movie for any animated movie fan, and just in general, for Valentine’s Day.

Princess Bride

Wesley protecting Buttercup from the (offscreen) Rodents Of Unusual Size.

A fairytale of a movie, “Princess Bride” is about a princess named Buttercup and a farmhand named Wesley. They’ve been together for years. The story starts after Buttercup got captured by Prince Humperdinck so he could marry her and overthrow the king of Florin. Because of this Wesley goes on a quest to stop him. Some of the people they encounter are a giant named Fezzik and a swordsman named Inigo Montoya. They’re initially against him but eventually help him in his quest. I recommend this movie to fantasy lovers, but it is just a classic movie that everyone could enjoy.

Mamma Mia!

A picture of the cast of “Mamma Mia!”

In “Mamma Mia!”, A young couple is about to get married, but Sophie (the bride) has other ideas about how to spend her wedding day. Her mom had 3 boyfriends the summer Sophie was conceived, and all three were invited to the wedding. There’s a lot of drama revolving around the boyfriends and Sophie’s mom. I recommend this movie to musical lovers, but anyone could enjoy it.