New School? Don’t Be a Fool!

A look at our beloved high school, and why we do NOT need to build a new facility!

For years now, there has been discourse surrounding the building of a new high school. Different plans for the building design and methods of paying for the facility alike have both caused many delays in the building of a school, but really, what’s the point? Why do we need a new facility in the first place? Woodford County High School is a perfectly well-functioning building in mint condition.

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  • Who needs urinals? We can just sit down anyway, right? Photo by Brayden Miller.

  • Wait, is it ‘duck’ tape or ‘duct’ tape? Whatever! Regardless, it’s a quality seal! Photo by Brayden Miller.

  • The prime location for taking quality selfies! Seems to be in perfect condition… Photo by Brayden Miller.

  • The lack of ceiling tiles really adds to the abandoned *aesthetic* of the building!

  • What a high quality door! The squeaking and stains from years of usage are indicative of how high-quality it is! Definitely should NOT be replaced any time soon!

  • A door stop next to the handle, getting a very ‘rustic’ vibe here, if you know what I mean. Photo by Brayden Miller.

  • Halloween really is the best holiday, I guess that’s why we leave up our haunted house decorations all year!

  • Out of order? That’s okay! We have more than enough functioning bathrooms to go around. Photo by Brayden Miller.

  • This bathroom ceiling is just gross honestly, covered in rust right above the stalls.

  • The bleachers have been out of order for a while now due to structural issues, but that’s fine! I hate assemblies and seeing my friends anyway! Photo by Brayden Miller.

  • This door has probably seen better days! I wish we could time travel to the 1950’s and ask it! Photo by Brayden Miller.

  • This is a really nice soap dispenser, I love the more open, minimalist style they were going for! Photo by Brayden Miller.

  • Why do they always keep the school gravel pit locked? So frustrating! Photo by Brayden Miller.

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As you can see from this showcase of areas around the building, we clearly are fine as-is with the condition of our building. Any plans to build a new building should just be ditched and thrown away as soon as possible!

To conclude on a serious note, this is in no way an attack on our school or our understaffed custodians. We just want to bring light to the condition of our building in a light-hearted, fun way. We are incredibly thankful for our school staff for pushing through such a tough year, unlike any other.