Okay Things To Do in Woodford County

An assortment of fun activities to take part in, in Woodford!


Aydin Khosrowshahi

A sign in downtown Versailles, taken during the ice storm a few months back.

Versailles is a wonderful little town, featuring a beautiful historic downtown district, and plenty of amazing scenery. Anyone from around here knows that it is rather beautiful, however, many believe that after a while there isn’t anything to do!

A friend and I wanted to publish an article covering all the fun activities Woodford County has to offer teens who think that there’s nothing to do in Versailles.  We believe this comprehensive photo essay of suggestions will have those naysayers thinking twice!

As you now know, there are plenty of things to do around Versailles. Next time you’re thinking about what to do, consider one of our amazing suggestions! We know you’ll have as much fun doing these things as we had finding them and putting them together, into this cohesive guide.