Hazel Mackey

Olivia DeVore, graduating class of ’22.

What is the structure of the building like?

The building is pretty small compared to to other high schools, and is not in very good shape.

As a highschooler, what do you feel your school should do for you? Has WCHS meet your standards?

I feel like the high school should prepare me more for college and the real world. Some teachers try to do this, but for the most part WCHS does not meet this standard.

What are pep rallies like?

Pep rallies are a big deal. Everyone normally participates in spirit day, but since Covid, a lot of people have not been participating.

What is dress code like?

When I was a freshman dress code was a lot stricter, but lately it has seemed to be nonexistent.

What are the valued rules at WCHS?

I would say the valued rules are phones and attendance.

What are the current popular sports and clubs?

The popular sports would be basketball and football, I hear we’re good at wrestling. A couple clubs I hear a lot about are FCCLA and HOSA.