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WCHS: Then Vs. Now

Comparing a former WCHS student experience with a current WCHS student experience.

April 30, 2021

Founded in 1963, Woodford County High School has been standing for 58 years. Throughout those years, many things have changed, however, some things have remained the same. The county’s school board has been discussing building a new high school, seeing as many members of the school’s community feel that a new building is needed. However, the citizens of Woodford County voted against this new building back in 2018, due to fear of substantial tax increases. So, it is undetermined when a new high school building will be built.

With this history in mind, I have interviewed a former WCHS student from the graduating class of ’93 about their experiences as a student at WCHS, as well as interviewed a current WCHS student from the graduating class of ’22, so we can compare their answers, and see how the school’s environment and atmosphere have and have not changed over time.



Michael Agee’s senior picture.


Photo of FFA from Agee’s senior yearbook.

What was the structure of the building like?

We needed a new building when I attended WCHS. I remember the band room was always flooded.

As a high schooler, what do you feel your school should do for you? Did WCHS meet those standards?

I feel a high school should provide its students with the proper tools for life. You should be taught the necessities such as checking and taxes. WCHS did not prioritize this, instead they prioritized things like the Pythagorean Theorem.

What were pep rallies like?

Pep rallies were fun. Every class sat in their own section, we had a lot of school spirit.


What was the school’s

Photo of WCHS wrestling match from Agee’s senior yearbook.

dress code like?

There was no dress code. People didn’t tend to dress as scantily clad back then.

What were the valued rules at WCHS?

Tardies were pretty important. PDA was a big one, too.

What were the popular sports and clubs?

We were really good at wrestling, and basketball and football were pretty popular. FFA (Future Farmers of

America) and FHA (Future Homemakers of America) were popular clubs at the time.

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Hazel Mackey

Olivia DeVore, graduating class of ’22.


What is the structure of the building like?

The building is pretty small compared to to other high schools, and is not in very good shape.

As a highschooler, what do you feel your school should do for you? Has WCHS meet your standards?

I feel like the high school should prepare me more for college and the real world. Some teachers try to do this, but for the most part WCHS does not meet this standard.

What are pep rallies like?

Pep rallies are a big deal. Everyone normally participates in spirit day, but since Covid, a lot of people have not been participating.

What is dress code like?

When I was a freshman dress code was a lot stricter, but lately it has seemed to be nonexistent.

What are the valued rules at WCHS?

I would say the valued rules are phones and attendance.

What are the current popular sports and clubs?

The popular sports would be basketball and football, I hear we’re good at wrestling. A couple clubs I hear a lot about are FCCLA and HOSA.

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