Student Opinions On Woodford High School’s Covid Regulations


Samuel c. Heinrich

Woodford County High School sign

For nearly a year and a half, everyone has been affected by our changing way of life and many of us are becoming quite sick of it. For many, we stick with these regulations to protect those we love and others around us. We do what we must to make sure no one has to go through a harsh and life-changing event that may permanently harm their life or even worse, take it. Luckily though, many countries have been able to lower the spread of Covid, allowing them to return to a semi-normal way of life. However, in a lot of countries such as the United States, Covid is still a big problem for people both in their personal and professional life. This means we still keep some strict regulations, but they still feel they need to get rid of some as well.

Today we take a look into what students in the small county of Woodford think about these regulations and how they should be enforced in our high school. They will be answering a couple of standard questions to check what they think about these regulations and if they think these rules are necessary. This way we can get a straightforward opinion from a very small community with an even smaller high school population. These people may have known each other their entire life, but it will be interesting to see how their opinions collide and connect. Let’s find out what these students from a different life, in the same area come up with in these interviews.

Isabelle Romine-9th

     Elizebeth Reglin-10th

Gabrielle Dunning

Annabelle Crume