Stuff in Stores? Not Anymore!

A photo gallery of shelves around town wiped clean.


Brayden Miller

Aisle from Kroger where the toilet paper is normally located. Completely empty, all toilet paper has been sold out.

The CDC recently announced that the novel coronavirus, known as COVID-19, is officially a pandemic. Our country, along with many others, is going through something resembling a shutdown as a result. As people are out of work and imports are slowing down, many families have made an attempt to stock up before everything gets closed down. The main shopping targets include canned foods, cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, medicine, and toilet paper.

Around town, a number of stores are experiencing shortages of their own. The items mentioned earlier are the main ones that seem to have limited supplies left around town. Here is a gallery containing photos from some of the stores around town and what items they seem to just not have in stock.