Thoroughbreds Through the Spring

Take a look at these horses on a Thoroughbred horse farm in Kentucky during the spring.


Emma Hayes

A pregnant Thoroughbred mare grazes on a sunny spring day.

Here is a collection of images that show mostly Thoroughbred horses on a horse farm during the spring. This is the time of year for Thoroughbred horses when mares, adult female horses, are giving birth to new foals and then getting pregnant again by stallions, adult male horses. Foals are normally weaned from their mothers at five or six months old. Sometimes the horse can get sold as a foal or some wait until they’re one year old, a yearling, to be sold. Some horses get sold and some do not, but if the horse does get purchased, they’ll go to train for the races and if they become good enough they’ll get to compete. If the horse can have a successful career in racing they’ll race until they retire. When they retire they normally produce offspring to create another successful racehorse. That is typically the cycle for many Thoroughbred horses, but there are always changes. Horses do have many different purposes and can be used for many different tasks!