Seeing Secretariat

A review of the Secretariat statue in Downtown Lexington.


Dakota Hobbs

The Secretariat statue found in Lexington, Kentucky, honors the incredible feats of this horse.

Secretariat Statue

Dakota Hobbs

Secretariat was the 1973 Triple Crown winner. The statue is a remake of the horse immediately after he won on May 5, 1973. Secretariat lived from March 30, 1970, to October 4th, 1989. This statue represents Secretariat’s outstanding achievements in horse racing. The statue is located at a roundabout intersection on Old Frankfort Pike and Alexandria Drive in Lexington. The statue was revealed at the Secretariat festival at Keeneland, Kentucky.

Dakota Hobbs

Secretariat won the triple crown, but he also set records in all three races. He still holds the record for the fastest speed at the Kentucky Derby that he broke in 1973. He also won “Horse Of The Year” two years in a row when he was only two and three years old.

Racing Career

Secretariat is an American icon. Even though he has lost three races in his career, he still had nine wins that he was known for–three of them being the Triple Crown wins. When Secretariat first began training for races, his peers where much better. He was a very calm and likable horse however, he was very clumsy and could not keep up with other horses he was training with. Secretariat was actually so behind his peers that his trainer once said: “He couldn’t outrun a fat man.” And that was in 1972. Only one year later he would win the Triple Crown. Secretariat clearly made tremendous progress over the year.