Kanye West Sunday Service at Pigeon Forge

A surprise performance by Kayne West and his choir.


Will Dowdell

Kayne West and his choir perform on the stage at Pigeon Forge.

During MLK weekend, I had the opportunity to see Kanye West perform his Sunday Service in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, as a part of the Strength to Stand Conference. The event was very crowded and there was a large turnout. The service was held at LeConte Center at Pigeon Forge. Many people gathered outside the doors about an hour before the doors opened to ensure they had good seats.

Will Dowdell
Kanye West’s choir performs in Pigeon Forge.

The service started with all the members of Kanye’s choir coming out and them preforming without Kanye for about 20 minutes. Kevin York (10) said, “The choir, they were really good,” when asked about his favorite part. Then, Kanye West came out onto the stage and started performing one of his songs “Selah.”  Logan Green (10), who also attended the Service, said, “It was a surreal experience and you didn’t believe it was real,” once he saw that it was Kanye West on the stage. West also performed the songs, ” Follow God,” “Father Strech My Hands Pt.1,” “Closed on Sunday,” and “Every Hour.” Most of the songs were from his new album Jesus is King. Even though West only performed five songs, it appeared that many enjoyed it and the performance still took around 2 hours.

It was a surreal experience and you didn’t believe it was real.”

— Logan Greene


When asked about what he expected, Logan Green (10) wasn’t too sure about what would be in store since nothing like this has ever been done before, but he did say, “I expected it to get hype,” and also said that his expectations were more than met.