2020 Election Candidates Highlights

A look at what I believe to be the top contenders in the 2020 election.



Prediction of how states will vote in the 2020 election.

There are currently 23 candidates vying for the 2020 Presidential election. In this article, I will be going over the four that are currently the most popular and relevant. Although this is an opinion piece, I will try to be unbiased and present the candidates in an honest way. You will likely notice that I included three democratic candidates and only one republican – that’s because there are 19 Democrats and 4 Republicans running, and I’d be very surprised if Donald Trump didn’t get the Republican primary nomination. Be sure to take the poll at the bottom and give your opinion on who you believe will win! If you want to know more about each candidate, click on their names to view their policies.

Joe Biden addressing someone while speaking.

Joe Biden

Biden is a democratic candidate and former Vice President who believes in rebuilding the American middle class, American diplomacy across the globe, and making citizens’ votes matter more. He’s run for president twice before and stated that if he doesn’t win this time, he won’t run again.  On his website, his campaign fund has been called the “Beat Trump Fund”, and has repeatedly said he doesn’t want Trump to get re-elected. As of October 29th, he’s polling at 32%, the highest for any Democrat right now. He plans to expand on the Affordable Care Act and plans to implement a plan that would hypothetically cover 97% of Americans.

Elizabeth Warren speaking into a microphone.

Elizabeth Warren

Warren is a current US Senator and Democratic candidate for the 2020 election. She’s most focused on rebuilding the middle class, strengthening democracy, equal justice under law, and stronger diplomacy, which isn’t too different from Joe Biden’s goals. She described Donald Trump as “Corruption in the flesh” and believes that the rich have huge advantages in society. She’s polling at 20%, second to Biden. She’s proposed an “Ultra-Millionaire Tax”, which would tax households an additional 2% on any additional income over $50 million, and 3% on any income over $1 billion.

Bernie Sanders addressing the crowd at the Democratic Debates.

Bernie Sanders

Sanders is a current Vermont senator and Democratic candidate. His main focuses are socialized healthcare, clean energy, and free college education. He describes himself as a democratic socialist, and that’s very apparent in his policies. He ran in the 2016 election but lost the Democratic primary to Hillary Clinton. He’s tied with Warren at 20%, so it could easily go both ways. He backs a plan called The Green New Deal, which would both include America using 100% renewable energy by 2030,  complete decarbonization of the economy by 2050, and creating 20 million new jobs to implement this, at the low, low price of 16 trillion dollars.

Donald Trump, giving a thumbs up.

Donald Trump

I don’t think he needs any introduction – love him or hate him, everyone knows who Donald Trump is, and probably has a pretty strong opinion of him. If he gets re-elected, he wants to reduce illegal immigration, lower income taxes, and make healthcare more individual. He will likely continue to work to implement the border wall he originally proposed in the 2016 election, which would include a 30-foot barrier stretching 1,954 miles across the Southern border. He recently polled at 43% when polled against Biden who got 50%.

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