Drug Testing Policy

Woodford County has started something new --A policy that requires certain students to be drug tested

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As most of the town knows, a new policy has been put in place that requires high school students who drive, compete, or play sports to be eligible for drug testing. If you, as a Woodford County student, participate in any school sports or clubs or drive on campus, you are put in a pool with other students for random testing.

Each month, the school randomly draws 50 students from all participating grades to take the test.”

— According to the 'Student Drug Testing' Packet

If you fail, the first punishment is suspension from driving, sports, or both for nine weeks (25% of the season). After failing once, you will be tested again. If you fail a second time, you will be suspended from such activities for 18 weeks (50% of the season). If you fail for the third time, you will be suspended for the whole year from sports, competitions, and driving on campus.

The policy was put in place in order to give students an easy way to say no to drugs. Parents are able to request their kids to be tested, and the school will do so. The drug testing is done through a urine test and happens during the school day. Students who refuse to take the test when selected will be punished accordingly.

The drug testing policy is still something that is new to our community, but it’s looking like something that will stick around.