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Carter Hays
Carter Hays is a senior at WCHS, and seeing as this is her first year of the Jacket Journal team, she is ecstatic to share her ideas and develop her abilities as a writer alongside her peers. Carter enjoys singing too loudly, talking too much, and participating in almost every activity under the sun. Carter's prized possessions include her seemingly endless book collection, 32 pairs of shoes, her dog Luna, and her Pumpkin Donut Yankee Candle. She is also fascinated by ocean documentaries, especially about sharks and orcas, and anything sold in the color yellow. As an avid reader and writer, Carter plans to attend the University of Chicago to major in business/economics and minor in English/writing in order to hone her skills enough to maybe, one day, publish a novel of her own.

Carter Hays, Staff Reporter

Dec 12, 2019
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Oct 07, 2019
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Carter Hays