My Top Three Relaxation Game Picks

This is in the manga series Great Teacher Onizuka.

Tooru Fujisawa

This is in the manga series Great Teacher Onizuka.

Did you know that gaming can be used for relaxation from a stressful day? Well, it can and there are many games that allow this. I will be going over some games which are some of the best for me to relax after a stressful day or if I want to just calm down and enjoy some music while having something to occupy my mind. Today I’ll give you my top three picks for games that are a relaxing experience


Minecraft City Mattupolis created in Vanilla Minecraft. (Per Landin)
A Minecraft city with shaders and mods along with a texture pack to change the appearance. (sirdeadly583 Imgur)

First of all, it would have to be Minecraft. Minecraft has had a soft place in my heart since seeing it for the first time when it was in alpha. I believe I got Minecraft around 11 years ago on its initial release date, but why is Minecraft a relative game in relaxation? Well, Minecraft as it is put was to just mine and craft to your heart’s content. Survive being a hard bit unless you are peaceful but allows for you to go into the world and farm, build, and explore the world. Creative on the other hand allows for you to build everything with infinite life and no need to lose or respawn in the world. You have everything at your disposal. Also, Minecraft has a VR version for anyone looking for a Virtual Reality experience that can be amazing when put with the right modifications to the game. I from experience can tell you that Minecraft VR and non-VR is amazing and something that I’ve always gone back to when I need to relax or just calm myself from life. You can also just get lost in the world of Minecraft as time passes and you don’t even realize it.

If you’d like to purchase Minecraft and immerse yourself in the world you can grab it here:


Cosmic Sugar VR

Screenshot of Cosmic Sugar VR from within the game after messing with the sandbox tools. (Steam User: Hakase)

The second game is a Virtual Reality title called “Cosmic Sugar VR”. Cosmic Sugar is a sandbox-style title meaning you have full control over the world. In Cosmic Sugar you are able to play with particles in the world, with tools that allow you to pull and contract the area of space, adding more particles and allowing you to make amazing galaxy-like images. I have had my enjoyment of this game and I come into it whenever I just want to listen to music and create but not want to create normal things, I use this game as an outlet to pull a galaxy together and get amazing images out of it. This is also a great game to use to try out VR as there is a demo version that is free and only comes with pull and contract tools but is still very much fun.

If you have Virtual Reality and would like to grab Cosmic Sugar you can find it here:

Death Stranding

The beginning of Death Stranding. (Steam User Yuric83)

Lastly, we have Death Stranding, which is a game I have only recently received but the game is a soothing game with some mild points of excitement but in total it just has a relaxing feel from the game, and with the background music you feel like you could just lose hours in the game or at least I feel that way. Now the game is about a character Sam Porter someone who does deliveries around colonies and what not but this isn’t just a delivery game it is a game that takes place in a time where the dead don’t really die and they roam the earth and hunt people, neat story and that feel of relaxation. Overall you can really lose some time in the game and not realize it but the moments of excitement, it is sure to keep you on the edge.

If you’d like to grab Death Stranding then you can buy it here:

I can go on and on about games that can be used in a relaxed manner but I think we’d be here all day, so I’m giving you my top two picks for anyone looking to game in a relaxed manner, but I will say this some people do find big title shooters and other games as a game of which they can relax with but please do keep in mind that it most likely they are good at the game and it allows them to “trash” players and keep a smile on their face. So, please, whenever you are looking for a game to find that can be relaxing do your own research, cause some may not find relaxation in Minecraft or even Cosmic Sugar VR as they may find it boring but these are my picks for games to try out for relaxation, as these are the games I’ve gone back to time and time again.