I think Starbucks is loved by every generation even if the places are different. For this reason, wherever I go there, there are multi-generation people in the store. I’m an exchange student from Japan. When I was in Japan, I often went to Starbucks after school with my friends, and we enjoyed trying many kinds of drinks. Sometimes, my friends and I study at Starbucks. In Japan, there are many people who are doing their tasks and studying in Starbucks. So, I will compare Starbucks in Japan and in America. This article is written about Starbucks from my angle. Thus, it might be subjective. However, the things written in this article are all facts, so you don’t have to worry about being fooled.

Pictures on below are drinks, which I drink after school with my friend.

~How to get food or drinks~

In America, when you get food or drink after ordering, you will be called your name by a clerk in America, and you can get your stuff without showing a receipt. I was surprised that, because in Japan, we aren’t asked our name and we must show a receipt to receive our food or drink, we ordered. It is a little different from the way a clerk calls a customer to tell comprate prepare. I think there are two main ways in Japan. First, a clerk gives a number card after the order and pay, and calls the number. Second, a clerk says the order details with a voice that the customer can hear. 



This difference is not only Starbucks. I found out the common differences at restaurants, shopping stores and grocery stores. Clerks in America are friendly. Every clerk says “hello, how are you?” “ Have a good day!” and some of them also say “ I like your ~”. Conversely, Japanese clerks say only obligatory things like “Do you need plastic bags?”. Most time clerks and customers don’t converse, except very friendly clerks. I think American culture is better, because both customers and clerks have good minds.



A, Size

Size is different between these two countries. I was surprised American size is too big when I looked it first time at the store. In Japan, the smallest size is s and the largest size is large, but In America, the smallest size is tall and the largest size is trenta. 

B, Flavor 

I ranked how different it tastes. Getting higher and higher is the most different, and the most similar is the lowest number. In this section, I wrote about 4 frappuccinos. 

4, Chocolate

 America has a stronger chocolate taste, but this one is the most similar between two countries of drinks I drink here. I felt like American chocolate frappuccino is more like eating, because Japanese chocolate frappuccino is like cocoa. 

3, Carameru 

This one’s different point is the top of the cream. In Japan, there is only caramel sauce, but in America there is also block sugar. I think this sugar makes frappuccino better.   

2, Green tea: 

Green tea is better in Japan. I guess people who love sweets would like Starbucks in America, but people who want to enjoy tasting the bitterness would be fans of Japanese green tea. 00 In addition to these, Japan also has hot green tea frappuccino, this is because Japan is famous for green tea.

1, Strawberry: 

In Japan, we don’t have strawberry frappuccino on the normal menu. We only have it on the seasonal special menu, so some places are sold out soon. In focus on taste, America has sweeter and stronger strawberry taste, and there is more cream on top of the drink. I will miss strawberry frappuccino the most.  


~Extra information~

There are more kinds of foods in America than in Japan. For example, Japan doesn’t have Cake Pops. I wish Japan also had Cake Pops, because they are so good!! However, Japan  has more Starbucks merchandise than America, like cups or water bottles which are exclusive to each place. So, Starbucks might think about what things are popular in each place.



Thank you for reading this article. I realized what is different about Starbucks by writing this article, and I hope if you have the opportunity to go to Japan, I recommend you go to Starbucks and enjoy the differences. It must be a good experience!