The quality of food in schools has significantly reduced to the point that Fast Food would be a better option to eat.


Jose Cedillo

Spaghetti served at school

While eating your school lunch, how do you feel about it? Are you satisfied? Do you actually enjoy eating this food? Students, including myself, have come to the conclusion that school food is doing more harm than good. Having lunch at school is a privilege, but its quality is very critical for students. It is important for our health, well-being, and nourishment. Hundreds of lunches are thrown away every day because of lack of quality: improving the quality would overall reduce the amount of food waste. I am writing this to make a change for school lunches.

We as students deserve to have good health, good well-being, to be well nourished, and have the ability to reduce the amount of food waste. According to the Food Revolution Network, improving the quality of school foods can encourage better learning and memory, improved concentration, better overall health, better behavior and fewer problems, better academic performance, reduced obesity, and better habits for the future. Furthermore, an article from The Atlantic, by Melinda D. Anderson, states that a new study suggests that students who have better quality lunches at school, perform better on state tests. These articles suggest that having better lunches at school can not only improve our health but also improve our academic skills. It would help us be able to concentrate better. Being able to concentrate better means that we would actually pay more attention in classes, especially the boring ones, and this would help us to have a better memory. Overall, better school lunch quality is a must because it would be beneficial for everyone. 

A way to cause change to the school lunches is by spreading this article to the Board of Education. You can help by getting this article in contact with the Board of Education and make a change. Not just for better school lunches but for better students. By spreading this article we can get more coverage over this issue, you can find and or contact me at [email protected]