Everything a Dog Loves

Have you ever wondered what is going on inside your pet’s head? Here is a little look at some fictional, annotated thoughts from the point of a view of a dog named Sophie!



A collage of multiple kinds of dogs.

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  • I am Sophie! The following photos are captured images of me doing the things that I love!

  • Here I am in the truck with Mic! I love car rides because I see all my other dog friends going on walks or in their backyards through the window. They also usually take me to Starbucks to get me a pup-cup if I am good!

  • Pictured above is me and my best friend Amelia going on a walk! I didn’t even notice I was dragging her, but I hope she enjoyed the walk as much as I did!

  • This is my brother Mic and me. Sometimes he can be sweet and cuddle with me. I love when I get cuddles, because most of the time I am muddy, wet, or smell gross, so I do not get them all the time.

  • While I look pretty upset here, I actually love the rain! I like to paint my paw prints on the floor with the mud I picked up as a gift for my family. I also love to shake and give them a shower with my soaked hair.

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