Arrow Jackets Fly to State

Want to see how the state archery tournament went? Check out this photo gallery to find out!



The Woodford County Archery Team.

The Woodford County Archery Team shot at the Kentucky NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program) State Tournament this past Friday, March 11th, at the Louisville Exposition Center. The team placed 46th out of 151 schools that attended the tournament. We had some archers who shot their personal best; the highest score we got from one of our archers was 279 and 276 from multiple others! In archery, the highest you can score is a 300. The team did so well this Friday, I am so proud of each one of the archers that shot at the tournament, and I am proud to be a part of the team.

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  • On our way to the tournament, passing the high school and being happy I wasn’t going there.

  • Arrived at the Kentucky Exposition Center after a long drive.

  • The North Wing lobby that the team met in.

  • A group of Woodford County archers (From left to right: Jacob Wallace (9), Cian Mulvihill (9), David Hamilton (9), Faith Rice (11), Carter Wiedmann (12), and Emily Fitzpatrick (9), right before the flight (their shooting times) began.

  • Karlee Blanton (9) and I talk to our coach’s son, Easton, trying to get a high five from him. (We never got one.)

  • Archers from different schools stand on the line and wait to shoot. (I’m on target #58).

  • Mine and my shooting partner’s target at one of the rounds at 10 meters.

  • Archers’ wait to shoot their next round.

  • Archers from Woodford County and other schools actively shooting.

  • Archers shooting.

  • This is what happens when one of your arrows is broken, and you have to ask a coach for a new one.

  • Carter and I sit outside the Expo Center after the tournament, and wait to go to Bob Evans.

  • Me with the insane burger–it was about the size of my face.

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