Interviewing Our Arrow Jackets!

Featuring four archers from the WCHS Archery Team.


November 20th tournament at Franklin County High School with a group of our archers.

Hey guys! Meet some of our archers from our archery team. The archers have been working so hard this year during these difficult times. We’ve had two tournaments this season already, and we’ve done so well! We placed 2nd place in our last tournament on November 20th, beating Western Hills and Franklin County High School.

We could use some new Arrow Jackets on our team, you can’t join now since our season has already started, but you can join next year if you’re in 11th, 10th, 0r 9th grade (sorry seniors). The archery team has so much fun. If there is a tournament that’s about an hour away, we’ll take a bus there, and our bus rides are a blast. We always get Chick-fil-a, so yum. You make so many good memories on this team; I’ve met some of my best friends from being on the team. I love my archery family–find out why as I interview some of my teammates!