Chillin’ at Captain’s Quarters’ Igloos

Captain’s Quarters is where you can eat inside an igloo with pretty lights and heaters on the inside!


Josephine Pereslucka

After the amazing dinner, it was getting dark, and we got to see some of the Igloos light up. It was a very pretty view and a lovely way to end the night!

At Captain’s Quarters, you get a unique dining experience inside an igloo! (With an option to eat inside as well.) In my opinion, I would give this restaurant 5 stars!  The food was amazing and so was the service! When we walked in, we asked about our table, and they said it was already ready for us. Our waiter was super nice, and we ordered our appetizers and main course. The food came fast!

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  • How the table was set up when we got there. It was set up with beautiful red roses and fake candles that lit up.

  • This is what the igloo looks like from the top, and there were lights in the lanterns that glowed once it became dark.

  • For the appetizer, I ordered the Spinach Queso Dip with breadsticks and tortilla chips.

  • Spinach Queso Dip. This dish was so good–the breadsticks were tender and seasoned and the dip was tangy with just enough spinach.

  • For the main course, I ordered the Smashed Avocado Impossible Burger with fries.

  • The Smashed Avocado Impossible Burger was so delicious! The avocado was a very strong flavor, but had a great balance with the savory meat as well as the cheese, ketchup, and soft bun.

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Overall,  I would definitely come back to Captain’s Quarters and go through this experience again! The presentation, services, and food were incredible!

For more information on the restaurant, here’s a link to their website!