Charlotte from the Sky

A look at my trip from Louisville to Charlotte, North Carolina.


Landon Sears

Charlotte’s skyline as seen from the air.

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  • Defrosting the plane before takeoff, so the plane doesn’t freeze in the cold weather. The plane is being defrosted with a machine that sprays stuff to help the plane with the ice-cold temperatures so far up in the sky.

  • Flying high in the clouds, enjoying the beautiful view! This is what flying 30,000 feet above the ground looking down on the clouds.

  • Outskirts of Detroit looking down on the snowy mountains. Detroit was having some rough weather that delayed some flights, but all paid off with this amazing view not many people ever get to see.

  • Descending into Charlotte as we passed over Lake Norman. One of the largest lakes in the country, and certainly one of the most beautiful. It looks tiny from our view in the sky.

  • Looking at the impressive Charlotte skyline upon landing as we prepare to get off the plane. The Charlotte skyline is well known by almost everyone, and it definitely welcomes all the new people in to their city!

  • Carolina Panthers NFL stadium in the heart of downtown. Unfortunately, the stadium was empty as the Panthers didn’t make it very far this season, the home of the Carolina Panthers is such a massive place and old many memories and held many legends. Charlotte.

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