Christmas in Charlestown!

Come on an adventure with me and see how people outside of Kentucky celebrate Christmas.


Amy Rosen

Welcome to Christmas Town in Charlestown, Indiana.

Every year, excluding 2020, I take an hour journey to Charlestown, Indiana for my family Christmas party. I  was originally going to write an article on the Southern Lights, but most people have seen that already. So, I decided that, since this is a place from my childhood and not many people know about it, I would show it off to our community here.

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  • Come on a journey with me though Charleston, Indiana…starting with the center of town.

  • Every year, they have a light show here in this small center area. Because of COVID-19, it was smaller than previous years, but still pretty.

  • This small patch of grass in the middle of town was not put here for show. This centerpiece of land is in the middle of city square. It has so many stores around it. The monument in this picture is for fallen soldiers starting with the two world wars, the Korean War, and Vietnam.

  • Moving on to Greenway Park. Greenway Park is across the road from the center of town.

  • This is the sight when you walk down the pathway into the festively decorated park.

  • Throughout the park, there are a couple of these shed-like walkthroughs. Inside the structure, lights hang from the ceiling.

  • A picnic table area that has been strung fully in lights.

  • The park also includes this nice pavilion. The top reads “Doug Coyne Pavilion” but be careful, the floor is slick, winter or not.

  • Let me tell you about this tree. It is no ordinary tree, and sure is one of a kind. The construction on it started in October of this year. It is 55 feet tall.

  • Sadly, our trip has come to an end. The building next to this tree is a coffee and hot chocolate stand. I hope you enjoyed your time here in Charlestown, Indiana. Happy Holidays!

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