Getting Healthy with Woodford Nutrition!

Featuring the small nutritional café next to Circle K, to the left of Woodford County High School.


Amaya Patrick

The entrance to Woodford Nutrition.

  1. Staff:

The owners of Woodford Nutrition, Jose and Carolina Martinez, run multiple nutrition stores throughout the state of Kentucky. One of them is right here, a couple of steps from our very own Woodford County High School; and they have been around for four years now.  The Martinez’s strive to create a comfortable environment for everyone who walks into the store. They always have a smile on their faces, and they instill that in their employees as well. Everyone provided their full cooperation during the process of writing this article.

A sitting area decorated for the Christmas season. (Amaya Patrick)
Sitting area by the bar. (Amaya Patrick)

I interviewed two of the employees from Woodford Nutrition: Jenifer Chavez and Alexis Coovert. They explained to me why they chose to work there.


Why Did You Choose to Work at WN?

It was close to the high school. I didn’t have to spend money on gas. A very vibing place.”

— Alexis Coovert

I was introduced to the job by Alexis, and it was really close to my school, so it was kind of convenient for me to go and work there.”

— Jenifer Chavez

The menu and bar are located to the left of the door. (Amaya Patrick)


Blue coconut energy drink. (Amaya Patrick)

Now let’s talk about the delicious drinks. All of their drinks are to benefit the health of our bodies. They have standard sizes, small, medium, and large. However, shakes are only available in small and medium, but the rest of the drinks you can purchase in any size. The menu is simple, which is a plus. They have a “3 Step” plan. These steps are individual, not altogether into one drink. The first step is aloe, meaning you can purchase flavored aloe in a tube to eat, or you can purchase it in a small container. You can take this container home and mix it with your own drinks. The aloe helps with your digestive tract. Step two is tea, meaning tea that’s intent is to give you energy and is packed with antioxidants. The last step is a shake, meaning 24 grams of protein and 21 vitamins that are needed in the body, are added to a mixture and blended together, with the flavoring of your choice, into a delicious shake.

Sunset boba tea. (Amaya Patrick)

However, shakes, aloe, and tea alone aren’t everything they have. Other drinks you can purchase are refreshers, iced coffees, boba tea, etc. All of these include vitamin B and C. They also can boost your metabolism and can soothe an upset stomach. Additionally, you can add different vitamins to your drinks too. Along with drinks, they also make cookies and donuts in-store. You can also order cheesecake, crêpes, waffles, etc. that all have extra protein mixed in.


Football Reviews:

During the football game on November 12, 2021, Woodford faced Western Hills head-on. Woodford Nutrition made 40 drinks for all the players to show their support. The boba teas they were given are a brand-new drink based on our school’s mascot, the yellow jacket.  The “Yellow Jacket” boba tea, anyone can purchase, but the football players’ were slightly different. Theirs had the sugar removed and extra energy added.

Here is what they had to say about Woodford Nutrition altogether:

What Do You Like About Woodford Nutrition?

It’s very healthy, and it’s also very unhealthy. So it brings both into the combination of healthy and unhealthy (*Unhealthy because I want it every day!). And it makes a good drink.”

— Preston Stacy

They have good service, and they make great drinks.”

— Dylan Duncan

What is Your Favorite Drink?

Probably the skittles tea or the boba.”

— Jacob Wallace

Is There Anything You Dislike or That Can Be Improved?

They are too expensive.”

— Kameron Helton

What I Think:

The photo wall in the middle of the store. The Martinez’s plan to take pictures of their customers for promotional purposes. (Amaya Patrick)

Overall, I’ve absolutely fallen in love with this place. I highly recommend going to Woodford Nutrition at least once just to try something. As of this week, they have just added a air hockey table and a small basketball game. Jose informed me that he spoke with the school and learned how there aren’t many spaces for teenagers alone in Woodford County. They have all the right intentions and are right next door to us, so stop by, and grab a delicious drink of your choice!