An Afternoon at the Headley Whitney


Tess Thompson

Fountain in the center of the Marylou Whitney garden.

The Headley Whitney Museum, located just outside of Versailles, Kentucky, is a beautiful home dedicated to the Headley family’s art collection and other local artists’ work. I spent my Sunday afternoon at the museum and while I wasn’t able to get pictures of the art, the Headley Whitney grounds are just as beautiful. You can see the art for yourself at

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  • The gorgeous tree-lined entrance to the museum.

  • Beautiful fall laves right when you enter the grounds.

  • Overlooking the breathtaking entrance to the museum.

  • A sneak peek into the amazing shell grotto.

  • Stepping stones just before entering the shell grotto.

  • A view of the jewel room and library from the shell grotto patio.

  • A closer look at the jewel room and library.

  • The Marylou Whitney rose garden, a feature of the grounds.

  • An abundance of roses surround the center fountain of the garden.

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