The Argument Against Climate Change

One of today’s most controversial subjects is that of climate change. In an increasingly progressive society, one of the most controversial positions in the history of arguments is denying climate change. I investigated the arguments and reasoning of climate change deniers.

Political Affiliation

The general political affiliation for deniers of climate change is right-wing or Economic-Right on the political compass.

How significant is the issue of climate change?

The consensus of the significance of climate change is that it’s made up to push authoritarian agendas or that it’s been blown out of proportion by activists and scientists and that it’s nothing that humans need to be concerned with.

Dispute against the argument for Climate Change

Some common arguments deniers utilize are: “Humans couldn’t be causing climate change because there’s no correlation between rising temperatures and CO2 emissions,” “How can future climate predictions be accurate?” or that, “More CO2 and warmer weather might be beneficial.”