Carroll Glacier in Alaska. (Bruce F. Molnia)
Carroll Glacier in Alaska.

Bruce F. Molnia

A look into the two sides on the issue of climate change.

The issue of climate change is a global controversy that is the subject of many hot political discussions and debates. Previously known as “global warming,” but now referred to as climate change, the topic centers around the scientific claim that the average temperature of the Earth is rising, leading to a variety of environmental consequences. This spike in temperature, scientists say, is caused by an increased output of carbon dioxide and other “greenhouse gases,” or gases that remain in the Earth’s atmosphere and prevent heat from leaving Earth’s surface. Some of the most significant effects of climate change are the melting of ice caps in the Arctic, which leads to a rise in sea levels, as well as increased rain and longer periods of extreme hot or cold. This buildup of greenhouse gases is credited to humans and our heavy greenhouse gas emissions. 

While acknowledgment of climate change has steadily increased throughout the years, there are some who still refuse to confirm the validity of the topic. The opposition claims that the Earth undergoes natural periods of hot or cold and that humans are unrelated to the environmental changes the world is currently witnessing.

Many individuals lie somewhere in the middle; they are either not interested, or uneducated on the topic and its several facets. Below are two limited perspectives from the opposing sides, as the arguments for both viewpoints are extensive and thorough.

Climate Change Defense

In order to attain a perspective that affirms the issue of climate change, I interviewed a Junior at Woodford County High School about the topic.

What is your political affiliation?

“‘I’d say left-wing, but I don’t really associate with the Democratic party too much–or really any party. Generally, pretty leftist, moderate left, I’d say.”

How significant do you think the issue of climate change is, and why?

“It’s very significant. I’ve heard that we have anywhere from twelve to nineteen years to correct it before it becomes completely unsustainable and irreversible, so it’s very important to me.”

How would you dispute the argument that climate change is not real/important? 

“I think there’s a lot of evidence to say that it is real, and if you see that evidence and are still not convinced, you’re just ignorant. I think there are a lot more uneducated people than ignorant people, though.”

If you are interested in learning more about the issue of climate change and its effects on our world, here are some places to get started:

World Wide Fund for Nature’s Climate Initiatives

NASA: Global Climate Change

U.S. Global Change Research Program


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The Argument Against Climate Change

One of today’s most controversial subjects is that of climate change. In an increasingly progressive society, one of the most controversial positions in the history of arguments is denying climate change. I investigated the arguments and reasoning of climate change deniers.

Political Affiliation

The general political affiliation for deniers of climate change is right-wing or Economic-Right on the political compass.

How significant is the issue of climate change?

The consensus of the significance of climate change is that it’s made up to push authoritarian agendas or that it’s been blown out of proportion by activists and scientists and that it’s nothing that humans need to be concerned with.

Dispute against the argument for Climate Change

Some common arguments deniers utilize are: “Humans couldn’t be causing climate change because there’s no correlation between rising temperatures and CO2 emissions,” “How can future climate predictions be accurate?” or that, “More CO2 and warmer weather might be beneficial.”

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