Gray’s Arch Hiking Trail

Arissa Keith, Staff Reporter

Gray’s Arch

Gray’s Arch hiking trail is a 3.4-mile loop and it is a very heavily traveled trail. During our hike, we ran into several groups of people. We hiked the trail backward, which was recommended. The trail is, overall, moderately difficult. It definitely has some steep uphills that will take your breath away, but it has an equal amount of downhill as well. The trail takes you down to a creek bed. Eventually, you reach the arch. The arch is a beautiful rock structure that you can hike up to and stand underneath. We would recommend this hike for people who are willing to take their time and not rush. This trail is also the one for you if you want to not only see lookouts but up close nature and wildlife, you get a little bit of everything. Overall, this trail is a great way to get an easy workout in and see one of nature’s beauties.

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  • The sign at the beginning of the Gray’s Arch Trail.

  • The beginning of the beautiful 3.4 mile trail look to Gray’s Arch.

  • A pretty natural archway of trees on the Gray’s Arch trail.

  • The slippery mud along the path to Gray’s Arch.

  • Some of the beautiful scenery on the way to Gray’s Arch.

  • The rocky road to one of the pretty outlooks along the trail.

  • One of many beautiful lookouts along the hiking trail.

  • One of the more narrow and secluded parts of the trail to Gray’s Arch.

  • Many of the different types of plants displayed throughout the trail.

  • The different terrains and obstacles throughout the trail to Gray’s Arch.

  • Another uphill climb as you approach the end of the 3.4 mile hike to Gray’s Arch.

  • Stairs from the climb back up the hill towards the end of the trail.

  • Another view from underneath the Arch as well as a view of the lookout from up high.

  • A view of the Arch from standing right underneath.

  • Approaching the Arch towards the end of the climb.

  • Part of the climb up the hill to Gray’s Arch.

  • A view of the beautiful Gray’s Arch as you approach it.

  • A rock path where you have to cross the creek on the way to Gray’s Arch.

  • The low water creek at the bottom of the hill.

  • A shot of the downhill walk towards the creek bed around Gray’s Arch.

  • One of many rock structures you see on the way to Gray’s Arch.

  • One of the larger and more popular lookouts along the trail.

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