Woman Wrestling Champ!

An interview with Ashley Courtney, the most recent winner of the Woodford County Wrestling Invitational.


Yunis Courtney

Ashley Courtney places first and is the first woman in history to win WCI.

Hey, Yellow Jackets! I’m back with an interview with Ashley Courtney. Ashley Courtney is a Junior this year at WCHS and is part of the Girls’ Woodford County Wrestling Team.




If you think you can’t do it, that’s just more of a reason to do it.

— Ashley Courtney

Ashley has been wrestling for nine years and recently made history by being the first girl in history to win at the Woodford County Wrestling Invitational. Throughout the interview above, I asked Ashley about why she became interested and involved in wrestling and what she plans on achieving going into the future. Check out my live interview with Ashley Courtney!

Bill Caine
Ashley Courtney pins a wrestler from Perry County Central.
Bill Caine
Ashley Courtney faces off against a wrestler from Western Hills.