MatJackets Finish Sixth at State Duals

A glance inside the MatJackets performance at the state duals.


Tanyea Ramirez

Kam Bohanan (11) faces off with Zac Cowan of Madison Cantral.

In wrestling, a dual can best be described as a match between two teams of all 14 weight classes. A dual is won by the team who has the most points after the conclusion of all matches. On January 11, the MatJackets were sectional duals runner up after falling 48-24 to Oldham County. The win earned the Jackets their spot to compete at the 2020 state dual championships. The Jackets kicked off the state duals with a win of 47-33 over Madison Central. Woodford forfeited the weight classes 113-126 giving Central 18 points after already winning the dual through points alone.

Dylan Duncan (10) has his hand raised after pinning Jonathan Marshall of Madison Central. Photo by Tanyea Ramirez.
  • 132Gavin Andreoni (Woodford Co) over Lucas Hutchison (Madison Central) TF 18-3
  • 138Zac Cowan (Madison Central) over Camden Bohannon (Woodford Co) Fall 3:24
  • 145Tyler Ritchie (Madison Central) over Andrew Kartner (Woodford Co) Dec 5-0
  • 152Dylan Preston (Woodford Co) over Austin Ritchie (Madison Central) Fall 1:07
  • 160Triston Brooks (Woodford Co) over Marcus Hutchison (Madison Central) Fall 1:34
  • 170William Smithers (Woodford Co) over Mason Campbell (Madison Central) Fall 0:53
  • 182Jackson Geilear (Woodford Co) over Alex Iglesias (Madison Central) Fall 0:30
  • 195Dylan Duncan (Woodford Co) over Jonathan Marshall (Madison Central) Fall 0:43
  • 220Tony Orneals (Woodford Co) over Noah Shipley (Madison Central) Fall 0:38
  • HWTLuke Hill (Woodford Co) over Kyran Jackson (Madison Central) Fall 5:29
  • 106Lacey Gilbert (Madison Central) over Landon Wettlaufer (Woodford Co) Fall 3:46
  • 113Jonathan Gilbert (Madison Central) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 120Robert Nardelli (Madison Central) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 126Jeffrey Kinley (Madison Central) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

For the second round of their pool, Woodford faced #3 Ryle. The Jackets took a tough loss of 39-29 to Ryle. The loss put Woodford out of the championship bracket, and now the Jackets must battle their way back to place.

Jackson Geilear (10) has his nose taped to avoid losing more blood time. Photo by Tanyea Ramirez.
  • 138Rusty Craddock (Ryle) over Camden Bohannon (Woodford Co) Fall 1:08
  • 145Austin Peace (Ryle) over Andrew Kartner (Woodford Co) Dec 6-3
  • 152Dylan Preston (Woodford Co) over Carter Messerly (Ryle) Dec 15-9
  • 160Asthon Littrell (Woodford Co) over Frank Egbert (Ryle) Fall 5:25
  • 170Triston Brooks (Woodford Co) over Trey Fleek (Ryle) Maj 23-9
  • 182Noah Duke (Ryle) over William Smithers (Woodford Co) Fall 0:39
  • 195Jackson Geilear (Woodford Co) over Jackson Rogers (Ryle) Maj 17-9
  • 220Tony Orneals (Woodford Co) over Gabe Savage (Ryle) Dec 9-4
  • HWTTayshaun Marshall (Ryle) over Luke Hill (Woodford Co) Fall 1:40
  • 106Olivia Messerly (Ryle) over Landon Wettlaufer (Woodford Co) Fall 1:04
  • 113Joseph Sander (Ryle) over Jackson Reed (Woodford Co) Fall 0:40
  • 120Cole Thomas (Ryle) over Gracie Savage (Woodford Co) Fall 0:11
  • 126Johnathan Pittman (Woodford Co) over Jameson Smith (Ryle) SV-1 4-2
  • 132Gavin Andreoni (Woodford Co) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

In the third round, Woodford faced #11 St. Xavier. The Jackets beat St. Xavier 38-33. During this dual #4 Triston Brooks pinned #2 Everett Marret.

Dylan Preston (11) pins Hal Holbrook of St. Xavier. Photo by Tanyea Ramirez.
  • 152Dylan Preston (Woodford Co) over Hal Holbrook (St. Xavier) Fall 3:33
  • 160Triston Brooks (Woodford Co) over Everett Marret (St. Xavier) Fall 0:55
  • 170William Smithers (Woodford Co) over Jack Calvery (St. Xavier) Fall 1:37
  • 182Jackson Geilear (Woodford Co) over Zachary Bell (St. Xavier) Fall 5:17
  • 195Bryce Russell (St. Xavier) over Dylan Duncan (Woodford Co) Dec 4-0
  • 220Tony Orneals (Woodford Co) over Terry Martin (St. Xavier) TF 19-3
  • HWTLeAndre Maxwell (St. Xavier) over Luke Hill (Woodford Co) Inj 4:48
  • 106Charles Cobb (St. Xavier) over Landon Wettlaufer (Woodford Co) Fall 0:52
  • 113Matthew Meyer (St. Xavier) over Jackson Reed (Woodford Co) Fall 0:17
  • 120Eli Mattingly-Neal (St. Xavier) over Gracie Savage (Woodford Co) Fall 1:03
  • 126Johnathan Pittman (Woodford Co) over Leone Couzin (St. Xavier) Maj 12-4
  • 132Gavin Andreoni (Woodford Co) over Ryan Bellucci (St. Xavier) Fall 5:59
  • 138Nathan Ohlmann (St. Xavier) over Camden Bohannon (Woodford Co) Dec 4-2
  • 145Kashiku Hutcheson (St. Xavier) over Andrew Kartner (Woodford Co) Dec 4-2
  • Woodford Co’s team score was adjusted by -1.0 for Coach misconduct unsportsmanlike

For the final round for fifth/sixth place, the Jackets faced Simon Kenton. The Jackets lost 43-28, taking sixth place.

Gavin Andreoni (10) gets in his stance before wrestling Eric Johnson of Simon Kenton. Photo by Tanyea Ramirez.
  • 160Triston Brooks (Woodford Co) over Riley Woosley (Simon Kenton) Fall 0:44
  • 170William Smithers (Woodford Co) over Rictor Morgan (Simon Kenton) Fall 4:47
  • 182Jackson Geilear (Woodford Co) over Conner Jones (Simon Kenton) Maj 11-0
  • 195Joseph Vormbrock (Simon Kenton) over Dylan Duncan (Woodford Co) Fall 1:43
  • 220Tony Orneals (Woodford Co) over Dakota Brooksbank (Simon Kenton) Dec 3-1
  • HWTIan Hughes (Simon Kenton) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
  • 106Frank Armstrong (Simon Kenton) over Landon Wettlaufer (Woodford Co) Fall 0:11
  • 113Gabrielle Ocasio (Simon Kenton) over Jackson Reed (Woodford Co) Fall 1:16
  • 120Landon Meadors (Simon Kenton) over Gracie Savage (Woodford Co) Fall 0:38
  • 126Andrew Lewis (Simon Kenton) over Johnathan Pittman (Woodford Co) Fall 1:55
  • 132Gavin Andreoni (Woodford Co) over Eric Johnson (Simon Kenton) Dec 6-1
  • 138Austin Schaffer (Simon Kenton) over Camden Bohannon (Woodford Co) Dec 8-2
  • 145Brennan Conrad (Simon Kenton) over Andrew Kartner (Woodford Co) Maj 12-2
  • 152Dylan Preston (Woodford Co) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf


  Catch the MatJackets in action! Their schedule is below:

2/1 Girls State Championship @ Tates Creek

2/1 JV State Championship@ Moore High

2/8 Regional Meet @ Oldham County

2/14-15 State Championship@   Alltech Arena