2019 Football Season: Back in Action!


As we all know, Woodford County has never failed to be full of spirit and hope for any team or club, no matter the success created within them. We have always held onto our hope for the boys of fall, but this year our football team is sitting on 3-2 record after a few seasons of little to no wins so the spirits are high. With winning scores over Barren County, Bourbon County, and Grant Crossing, the team is on the road to a division championship title. The community, both inside and outside of the school, couldn’t be more proud of our boys. Seniors such as Lucas Brocato and Skyelar Johnson have been a part of the team since their freshman year and they really feel like the team is “coming different” this year. The 2019-2020 season has already shown tremendous growth within multiple areas of football- teamwork, defense, offense, attitude.

We are set on creating a winning culture.”

— Lucas Brocato

This year, the team received a lot of new and inexperienced players. After just a few months of playing and lots of coaching from both coaches and returning players, the new boys are already in the swing of things and their hard work is paying off. “We have all decided to hold each other accountable this year,” Brocato stated. “We are set on building a winning culture.” The jackets play West Jessamine next at home over Fall Break.  The team plans to blow this team out with at least 4 more downs than them. Senior Jacket Amartae Rice, considered to be the next “Mr. Football” according to coaches and news outlets, explained this season in one word: championship. The boys will not rest until they have reached their goal of a championship season.