Sweet Honey Singing

A look into the Honeybees Acapella Singing group and Mr. Strickland’s thoughts on them.


Mr. Strickland

The Honeybees Acapella group singing last year at the choir concert.

Emma Hayes, Staff Reporter

The Honeybees Acapella Group is a group of all-girl singers that come together once a week for rehearsal and have performances throughout the year.

“I want to get them more gigs in general. Last year we just performed at the concert,” said Mr. Strickland. Strickland is back teaching choir at Woodford County High School for the second year.

Emma Hayes
Afton Skeeters (9).

He says his reasoning for becoming a choir teacher was his high school music teacher who was a big role model for him and said he wanted to be just like her. Strickland went to the University of Kentucky and majored in Vocal Music Education.

Emma Hayes
Emma Cheser (10).

This is Emma Cheser’s (10) first year of joining the Honeybees Acapella Group. “I like everyone’s sounds together, and how we don’t have to, like, rely on a piano,” said Cheser. Afton Skeeters (9) has also joined the Honeybees this year for the first time. She said that she never really had the opportunity to join an acapella group before up until now. Abigail Santos (10) has returned to the Honeybees for a second year. Although Santos would not like to pursue a career in the future involved with music and singing, she would like to keep it as a hobby all throughout her life.

Listen to the school announcements about the upcoming Winter Choir Concert to come and see the Honeybees perform!

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It’s really interesting to have a bunch of different people come together and just love to sing and create music together, and especially since there are no instruments, and it’s all us. ”

— Abigail Santos