Woodford Leadership of Tomorrow Takes On the Life Adventure Center

The Woodford leadership of tomorrow group faces obstacles together

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Woodford Leadership of Tomorrow Takes On the Life Adventure Center

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Students wait to take on the rock wall.

With the school year almost being over, the Woodford Leadership of Tomorrow group went on their last adventure on Monday, April, 29th.  The group went to the local Life Adventure Center in Versailles, where their leadership skills were immediately put to the test. The Life Adventure Center instructors had the leaders assemble into chronological order by birthdate without talking.

If you are a leader or not, this was challenging. After a few team building games, the leaders were taken through a small simulation of an obstacle course. The leaders learned the do’s and don’ts of rock climbing and the real obstacle course. The leadership group seemed to have no problem with the simulation of the obstacle course, they cheered each other on and seemed to get through the obstacles very quickly. But next came the rock wall…

The iconic rock wall.

The rock wall measures at about 20 ft tall. Once you climb the wall there is an obstacle course you must go through. And yes, if you were wondering, there is only one way down…

Mrs. Wilson having too much fun!

All of the leaders attempted the obstacle course, not everyone made it, but they all attempted. Senior Jaylynn Murillo said, ” It didn’t seem so bad ’till you were up there and there wasn’t another way down. It was worth it though once I completed the obstacle course. I felt challenged and proud of my self.”

Ariana Disciplina, another senior, had a few more challenges to overcome: “I was very scared and screamed a lot, I couldn’t get my foot placement right and kept slipping on the rock wall. It was scary, but my friends guided me through it. Once I was back on the ground I was really happy about completing the challenge and, of course, just being back on the ground.”

The real obstacle course.

Overall, the leaders seemed to enjoy themselves; many said they were challenged in a way they had never been before. After being put to the test the leaders and the life adventure center instructors had a cookout and played games to really end the year on a good note.

If you have any questions or would like to sign up to join Woodford’s Leadership of Tomorrow group please see Mrs. Wilson in the guidance office.

If you would like to visit the Life Adventure Center please click on this link: https://www.lifeadventurecenter.org/