Versailles is Boring

Versailles is a very beautiful place, however, it can be boring

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Versailles is Boring

Sarah Newman, Staff Reporter

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Recently, I looked on a website to find something to do in Woodford County, however, most of the places to go were not even in Versailles, there were in Lexington. This is because Versailles is boring; there aren’t any fun things to do for teenagers. Falling Springs is just about the only place you can go if you are a teenager, other than that, you have to leave town to find some entertainment.

Longtime residents have even said, ”Versailles doesn’t have a lot to do as far as going out and having a lot of entertainment in the city.” – Community Member. This county has a lot of teenagers but not a lot of entertainment. People may find it an inconvenience to leave town just to find something to do, so why can’t Versailles have places to go specifically for teens?

I hope in the future Versailles will take young people into consideration and make this community a more interesting place to live. Unless you like staring at walls–Versailles needs to change.